I had the chance to go to Yellowstone recently. I had the chance to get a photo or two. Here is one of my favorites.



The beauty of this world was designed /// created beyond what I can fathom.
I am a fake /// searching to find the real in each day.

Adventurer /// Creative /// Pioneer of Dreams /// Believer that Love Does


Havin’ a chill day off. I started the morning going to the dentist, took photos of a truck for a car show poster I’m working on, and went to the park. Now it’s time for coffee with my friend Dani, and dinner tonight with my buddy Randy at the Taj Indian Cuisine.


This weekend was short lived but fantastic. It started out with a drive up the River Road to the wineries in Grafton with my friends John and Liz. Went to church the next morning for a good message, followed by hanging out with Dad at the last Brighton Car Show. There were some great rides. I even sat in a ’94 Viper. The weekend was rounded off hanging out with my best bud Andrew and his little princess watching, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The movie by far jumped into my top 10 movies of all time.