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Most men think they are simply here on earth to kill time – and it’s killing them.- John Eldredge


Yes I have interesting collections. Yes I love them all. This is my coffee cup collection, with a few fun drinking glasses mixed in. I will never be in a lurch for something to drink out of.


On the door to my room is a poster a friend printed of a soldier’s gear hanging like a scarecrow. It is covered with doves. The writing on the poster says “What if they gave a war and nobody came.” Peace is the word we often speak or hope for. It is easy to act like a hippie and throw up two fingers saying “Peace Bro”. But it is only meaningful if our thoughts and actions support it. It is only true if it comes from our hearts. The peace we seek is not found in the wars we wage with blood and bullets, or in the things of this world. Often we face the wars of our hearts and minds. I find myself falling victim to these personal wars too often. I am quick to put God on the shelf, doing things myself saying, “No God. I’ve got this one. Take a breather.” I have to say, I usually end up flat of my back looking up. When we hit those moments of being at our weakest, God’s might and power shines through brighter than the Sun. Instead of praying with our hands open asking to be filled, we need to step back and say, “God, all I am is yours. Take me and mold me. Lead and I will follow.”

John 14:27-29